60 years of experience cumulated at your disposal

Forming a logical and complementary unit of people with different experiences in the tourism industry - tour operating, cattering, hospitality, transportation.
Our team relies on a passion and motto common to all its members : service quality, 24/7 availability and customer dedication.
For now 13 years, our clientele has been getting larger and larger.
In 2015, we welcomed or arranged travel details for over 32.000 people.
A key player for many French and France-based companies; we are now helping quite a few organisations, notably in the pharmaceutical and weapon industries, to structure their travel policy.
A good reputation also helped us welcoming a number Of governmental and commercial delegates through several Paris-based embassies.
Recognised by a larger number of foreign tourism professionals willing to better manage their costs and offer invariable quality to their clients, we are also increasingly operating in general tourism travel.